Traditional washing of boat bottoms with high-pressure washing without taking care of environmentally hazardous residual waste in connection with boat removal is no longer approved. In the light of the new guidelines, all ports where boats painted with biocidal paint are taken up must install a boat bottom scrubber that disposes of the environmentally harmful substances.

With HULLWASHER™, the engineers at MSE Engineering in Älmhult have developed a cost-effective solution for environmentally friendly boat bottom washing. HULLWASHER™ is a closed washing system where the growth on the boat bottoms, paint residues etc. is effectively removed, after which the washing water and the residual products from the washing are sucked back to the laundry. The residual products are separated and the washing water is purified in the system’s filter system, after which the water is reused.

The spillage from HULLWASHER ™ is less than 2% of the water volume used. Through different types of specially designed washing nozzles, all types of boats can be washed. This means that the need for permanently installed washing systems (flush plate) disappears and the entire chain from collection to installation and washing can be made more efficient with e.g. cost savings as a result.

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HULLWASHER™ levereras som standard i en mobil och självförsörjande version. Strömförsörjningen sker antingen genom anslutning till elnätet (400V/16A) eller med tvättens egna elverk. Allt vatten som behövs för att köra tvätten, ca 250 liter, ryms i och åter­cirkuleras till systemets tank.
Benefits of Hullwasher:
Cheaper and better

The financial benefits of HULLWASHER ™ are many and great. In addition to the considerably lower purchase cost compared to a permanently installed flushing plate with a treatment plant, the system has a resale value. In the event of a move of a marina or boat mooring site, you will not lose your investment. More rational use of crane and other infrastructure at the boat mooring site also entails financial gains.

As the majority of all washing water is recycled in the HULLWASHER ™, the risk of environmentally harmful pollutants being spread by the washing water and with the help of the wind is very small. The environmental performance of HULLWASHER ™ surpasses other solutions available on the market. When the washing is finished, the laundry is emptied of the remaining washing water, which is then transported together with spent filters to a hazardous waste facility for destruction in accordance with the local supervisory authority’s detailed instructions.

The alternative to flush plate

Washing boat bottoms with high-pressure washing without taking care of the environmentally hazardous residual waste is no longer permitted. The Swedish Maritime Administration’s recommendations to the municipalities, regarding limit values for water from washing of bottoms painted with biocide paint, mean that the washing water must be collected and purified to minimize the environmental impact.

With HULLWASHER ™, the engineers at MSE Engineering in Älmhult have developed a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and mobile boat bottom cleaner. The wash is validated against the Swedish Maritime Administration’s recommended guideline values for heavy metals and organic metal compounds.

HULLWASHER ™ is a closed washing system where the water and residual products from the washing are efficiently absorbed and filtered, after which the residual water is collected in a tank and then reused. The laundry is designed to handle step-2 cleaning. The spillage from HULLWASHER ™ is minimal compared to a high-pressure washer in combination with an open flush plate (1/10 part, 1 / 100th part if the wash water is left at the landfill). HULLWASHER ätter replaces the need for a flush plate and thus the entire chain from pick-up to set-up and washing can be made more efficient. As HULLWASHER ™ can be used to advantage to wash dried boat bottoms, the laundry offers both time for freedom of action and the opportunity for coordination with other users.

You build your HULLWASHER yourself based on your needs. Based on a basic functionality consisting of step-1 purification (mechanical particle filtration), a washing nozzle with 15 meters of hose, a filter set and external power supply (400V / 16A), you can make options in the form of, for example, step-2 purification, trailer, integrated power plant, complementary washing nozzles and more.

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