Graffiti remediation is an activity that is important for society and the living environment. When graffiti is allowed to take over, the living environment and quality of life for the residents as well as for society as a whole deteriorates. Today, graffiti is usually removed with the help of chemicals and heated high-pressure water, which makes it impossible to dispose of the washing water and laundry residues in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. The consequence is that the washing water ends up on the ground and / or in the storm water as an environmental burden.

Graffiti Blaster is validated against most of the building materials on the market, such as wood, brick, concrete, stone, glass, sheet metal, plaster. Because the remote-controlled high-pressure pump is adjustable from 50 to 150 bar, the washing pressure can be varied with regard to the substrate. Graffiti Blaster can be used to advantage on graffiti-protected surfaces. As the washing surface is relatively dry after the washing has been completed, the laundry can be fitted as an optional equipment with a drying system which means that the graffiti protection can be applied in immediate connection with the finished decontamination.

You build your Graffiti Blaster yourself based on your needs. Based on a basic functionality consisting of e.g. water tank, three alternative washing nozzles with 15 meter pressure and suction hose, two filter housings for particle filtration down to 5 µm, two filter housings with 12 kg of activated carbon each, an adjustable high pressure pump (50 – 150 bar), circulation pump, integrated power plant (diesel powered), external power supply (400V / 16A), hot water heater, you can make options in the form of e.g. trailer, unloading aids, supplementary washing nozzles etc.

You can choose between having the laundry installed on a trailer or having it integrated into a van.

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For customers of graffiti remediation, Graffiti Blaster means that when procuring graffiti remediation services, greater demands can be made on the environmental loads to be minimized by disposing of the washing water and residues and ultimately leaving them at a facility for disposing of environmentally hazardous waste.

For graffiti removal companies, Graffiti Blaster means obvious profits. The laundry is handled by an operator, ie. is staff-friendly. Because the splash is minimal, no barriers need to be made prematurely, ie. the establishment is significantly faster. As the laundry is a closed system and the spillage is minimal, no regular water refills are needed, ie. you save time. Being able to wash and scribble protect at one and the same time streamlines operations. The limited amount of water means that it normally does not require anything other than a B driving license to drive a towing vehicle with a trailer.

Benefits of GraffitiBlaster:
Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

The financial benefits of Graffiti Blaster are significant. The concept means that the graffiti removal can be carried out in a significantly more rational way compared with today. The establishment is faster, no roadblocks need to be prepared, decontamination and subsequent graffiti protection can take place at one and the same time. The minimal leakage means that the environmental impact becomes insignificant. As the washing water is recycled in Graffiti Blaster, the risk of contaminants spreading with water mist or wind is minimal.

Overall, Graffiti Blaster’s environmental performance surpasses other solutions available on the market.

Douglas Heinz, VD Klottrets Fiende Nr 1 AB

In the autumn of 2017, we were asked if we could be interested in evaluating a new graffiti removal system, Graffiti Blaster. For two days, the technology was tested in the field in our regular operations. The experiences were consistently very positive. The washing result was satisfactory, it was quick to establish itself, the spill was insignificant. We realize that Graffiti Blaster offers us great opportunities to streamline our business. We have submitted our experience to EWAB and we are interested in testing and evaluating the next development step and, if the technology lives up to its promise, also consider acquiring Graffiti Blaster”.

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