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Received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

Ekowasher designs and manufactures closed and environmentally optimized washing systems for various purposes with very low water consumption and minimal environmental impact.
The first product launched in 2015 was the Hullwasher, which is used to clean boat bottoms. In the spring of 2018, Graffiti blasters will be launched, which are there to clean surfaces against graffiti.
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Traditional washing of boat bottoms with high-pressure washing without taking care of environmentally hazardous residual waste in connection with boat removal is no longer approved. With Hullwasher, ekowasher offers a cost-effective way to comply with the Swedish Maritime Administration’s guidelines.
GRAFFITI BLASTER is a closed washing system that effectively removes graffiti. The water and residues from the wash are efficiently absorbed and filtered mechanically and chemically, after which the residual water is collected in a tank and then reused.

Multiwasher is validated against most of the building materials on the market, such as wood, brick, concrete, stone, glass, sheet metal, plaster. Because the remote-controlled high-pressure pump is adjustable from 50 to 150 bar, the washing pressure can be varied with regard to the substrate. 

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