Collaborations with startups in the Greater Copenhagen Region

The partners of the Cleantech Impact Accelerator project are taking a deep dive into cooperations between startups and larger actors in the Greater Copenhagen Region. Can better processes with corporations and cities to include startups to a larger extent accelerate the green transition?

Collaborations between corporations and startups:

You will gain an understanding of how the new Innovation Management Standard can support your collaborations with startups. You will also get insights on how IKEA, Alfa Laval and TetraPak have succeeded with their strategies in previous collaborations, as well as hear them elaborate on next steps based on lessons learnt.

This dialogue can be a changemaker for progress on the innovation management process including collaboration between corporations and startups!

An arena for sharing smart city solutions

Helsingborg was awarded as one of the most innovative cities in Europe by the European Commission in 2020. The city decided to use the prize money to organise Urban Brilliance during H22 City Expo. The aim is to create a vibrant international arena for cities to share solutions and best practices, co-create, workshop, and inspire future collaborations to make the cities of the world more sustainable. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience!