Hullwasher Mk3 – what’s new?

In 2017, the development of laundry has been focused on two areas

  • Improve the efficiency of chemical filters
  • Make the laundry more user-friendly

In consultation with our suppliers of chemical filters, we have been able to state that the efficiency of the chemical filters depends on the flow rate of the washing water through the filters. During the autumn, we carried out a number of validations that finally landed in the decision to install a shunt with a so-called constant flow valve in the wash to ensure that the filters always have an optimal and constant water flow. Too high a flow rate means that the heavy metal ions do not have time to “attach” and thus the efficiency decreases. A too low flow means that the so-called channeling occurs ie. all washing water flows the same way through the filters and then the effect naturally decreases. HW Mk3 is equipped with this new shunt. During the first half of the year, delivered laundry will be upgraded in this respect.

We have also come to the realization that the pH value of washing water is of great importance for how efficiently the chemical filters work. During the late autumn, we carried out validations that show the importance of continuously controlling the pH value of the washing water. We are currently investigating alternative methods for reading the Ph value in connection with washing as well as suitable means for adjusting the Ph value. In the spring, we will issue a recommendation to our customers.

One customer experience is that we should develop the laundry ergonomically and develop relief aids that facilitate washing of low-pallet boats and larger boats with high freeboards. On the HW Mk3, the gun handle on the washing nozzle will be replaced by a two-hand grip on the washing nozzle itself, on which the high-pressure pump is also switched on and off. The washing nozzle is also being prepared to be integrated into a relief system that will be developed in the spring. The ambition is to have a prototype ready by the autumn.