Collaborations with startups in the Greater Copenhagen Region

The partners of the Cleantech Impact Accelerator project are taking a deep dive into cooperations between startups and larger actors in the Greater Copenhagen Region. Can better processes with corporations and cities to include startups to a larger extent accelerate the green transition? Collaborations between corporations and startups: You will gain an understanding of how […]

Ekowasher is participating in the H22 Expo June 15. Oceanhamnen. 

Organizers HETCH, RISE (the Swedish Research Institute and innovation partner) and SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS HUB H22 City Expo, Helsingborg invites the world to explore the smart solutions of the future to tackle tomorrow’s urban challenges. “We are very happy for the invitation to H22 in Helsingborg, it’s a proof that our technology is at the forefront” […]


In order to facilitate washing of low-pallet boats and / or boats with high tables, a lance has been developed to which the washing nozzle is connected. The lance, which is equipped with a balance weight, can either be connected to an easily movable traverse or alternatively connected to a ground support or relieved against […]

Hullwasher Mk3 – what’s new?

In 2017, the development of laundry has been focused on two areas Improve the efficiency of chemical filters Make the laundry more user-friendly In consultation with our suppliers of chemical filters, we have been able to state that the efficiency of the chemical filters depends on the flow rate of the washing water through the […]